Installation steps for applying the VentureShield™ film patterns.

Before installing our patterns please consult our more detailed written instructions included with all our paint protection patterns.

Because of the large areas and curves on cars we advise you to get Full and Standard Kits fitted by us, this will also ensure you benefit from the lifetime warranty we provide with our patterns.

1. The first step is to spray the painted surface where the film is to be applied with a soapy solution. Ensuring that this surface is thoroughly cleaned first. 
2. Remove the pattern from the backing sheet and spray the exposed adhesive with the soap solution. Ensure your fingers and hands are clean and also wet prior to
     handling the adhesive area or this will mark the adhesive.

3. The film should then be positioned on the vehicle and another coating of soapy solution should be sprayed on the top surface of the film. This is so as not to mark the
      surface of the film with the rubber squeegee.

4. The next step is to pick a starting position, peel that corner up and then spray a plain water solution under the film.
5. Then squeegee the film down at that start point to tack the pattern down in place and assist you if slight stretching is required.
6. Now spray the outside of the film with the soapy solution again, and start to squeegee from the start position outwards towards the edges, stretching the film with
     the palm of the hand as necessary to fit the pattern to the panel.

7. The final step is to seal and dry the edges using your squeegee and a dry towel.

That's all there is to it.

If you are having difficulty with small pieces sticking down, try to wash out the soap solution with plain water in order to re-activate the adhesive!